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  • The Rich See A Different Internet Than The Poor

    Imagine an Internet where unseen hands curate your entire experience. Where third parties predetermine the news, products and prices you seeeven the people you meet. A world where you think you are making choices, but in reality, your options are narrowed and refined until you are left with merely the illusion of control..

  • Internets Wikipedia

    "Internets", also known as "The Internets", is a Bushism turned catchphrase used humorously to portray the speaker as ignorant about the Internet or about technology in general, or as having a provincial or folksy at.ude toward technology..

  • What Are The Different Types Of Internet Services

    The Internet has many interesting things to discover. Using it for entertainment reasons is one of the easiest ways to have fun on your own schedule. It can also be used for work purposes such as faxing, email, and conferenceing..

  • What Are The Different Types Of Internet Connections

    A There are nine different types of Internet connections available including, ISDN, satellite, DSL, cable, dial up, broadband, mobile, wireless and spots. Which one a consumer uses depends greatly on location and budget..