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    Many orchid species and hybrids bloom in shades of pink, from soft, pale pinks to deep rose or m.ta. These include numerous cattleya orchids Cattleya sp. , the type with flowers that are often used for corsages. The skinneri species C..

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    Each type of orchid usually come in many different colors. If your color is yellow, you may find that in Vanda, Dendrobium, Cymbidium, Cattleya and many more types of orchids. However, the reverse is not always true if you want a specific type of orchid, you may not find a wide variety of colors..

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    There are several different types of orchids which have blooms which are yellow in color. The Oncidium ampliatum has a blossom that is a very deep shade of yellow and when they are viewed from above the blossom looks like a turtle. Some species of orchids .

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    Finally, Orchid Care made SIMPLE and FUN with our SimpleS. gl Color Orchid with SimpleS. Gl The Phalaenopsis can be a fun plant to care for with the .