Different Collored Eyes


  • Heterochroiridum Wikipedia

    Heterochroof the eye heterochroiridis or heterochroiridum is of three kinds. In complete heterochro., one iris is a different color from the other..

  • Why Do Some People Have Differently Colored Eyes

    This condition can present itself in different ways. There's complete heterochro., when each eye is a distinctly different color, say, one blue and one brown. Central heterochrois when the eyes show various colors, such as a blue iris with a golden brown ring around the pupil..

  • How Does Someone Get Two Different Colored Eyes

    Eye color is a manifestation of the pigment that is present in the iris. Brown eyes are rich in melanin deposits, and blue eyes indicate a lack of melanin. The melanocytes of the iris rest in a richly innervated psuedosyncytium, which is necessary to maintain eye color..

  • Heterochro Two Different Colored Eyes All About Vision

    Other terms to describe different colored eyes are heterochroiridis and heterochroiridum. "Iridis" and "iridum" refer to the iris of the eye. The iris is the thin, circular structure that surrounds the pupil and contains the pigment melanin, which gives our eyes their distinctive color..