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    Common and preferred are the two main forms of stock however, it's also possible for companies to customize different cl.es of stock to fit the needs of their investors. The most common reason for creating share cl.es is for the company to keep voting power concentrated with a certain group..

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    Different cl.es of common stock are a separate distinction from that between common and preferred stock. Preferred shares are a different type ofet, one that offers its holders priority when it comes to dividend payments or .

  • Common Stock Vs Preferred Stock And Stock Cl Es

    Some companies have different "cl.es" of common stock that vary based on how many votes are attached to them. So, for example, one share of Cl. A stock in a certain company might give you votes per share, while one share of Cl. B stock in the same company might only give you one vote per share..

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    A corporation can issue two or more different cl.es of stock shares. For example, a business may offer Cl. A and Cl. B stock shares, where Cl. A stockholders are given the vote in elections for the board of directors, but Cl. .