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    There were several scientists that created different models of the atom. These scientists include Bohr, Rutherford, Thomson, Schrodinger and de Broglie, and Dalton..

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    A variety of different models have been used over the past decades to speculate on how an atom works and what particles it contains. Billard Ball Model In the very beginning of the s, John Dalton proposed that atoms were like tiny, hard billiard..

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    J.J Thomson's "plum pudding" model This model represents the atom as a positively charged mwith electronstered throughout it, much like plum partstered throughout pudding. According to this model, there would needs to be tons of electrons in an atom to balance out the positive charge of the rest of the atom..

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    A Seminar on DIFFERENT DIFFERENT ATOMIC MODELS CONTENTS Thomson's Atomic Model Drawbacks of Thomson's Atomic Model Bohr atom model .